Monday, November 3, 2008

Receiving the Joy of the Lord

It was hard for me to learn how to receive. I’ve been a giver all my life, even when I didn’t have anything left to give. So learning to receive was hard. It takes away your pride and arrogance. But, the freedom and abundant life God’s Word tells you about is really true. I know because I’ve experienced it – through the deepest sins and the darkest hours of oppression and depression. Once you let go, and let God take control, you will find yourself “in the greatest affair of your life. He will supplant all unhealthy attachments and cast them into the sea of forgetfulness.

You might be saying (especially if you are co-dependent like I was); “But, you don’t know what I’ve been through or what I’ve done.” I’m telling you it doesn’t matter what your circumstance was, is or will be, Jesus is the only one who is able to deliver you, so why not risk being “rescued” for a change, instead of being the “rescuer.”

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