Monday, November 3, 2008

Cinderella Released - from ashes to beauty.

Most self-help books are based on things you need to “do.” However, my story is written as a testimony of what the LORD has done for me and how He has drawn me into a relationship with Him that has provided unconditional love, peace and joy in my life. There was and still is a “little girl or boy within” who needs to know and realize that there is someone who loves them unconditionally and forever.

Jesus will never leave you or forsake you and He is a friend that will stick closer than a brother, sister, mother, father or friend. Once you are released to be “totally you” then you will begin to understand how others are drawn not so much to you, but to Him, your – Prince of Peace.

Added weekly are scriptures, stories, poems, antidotes from me and others in my life that have been instrumental in my “release” from bondage. Their stories are precious. Many have been released themselves from addictions, trauma, abuse and co-dependency. We all have one thing in common, we are on a journey from ashes to beauty and there is a marvelous reward for us at the end of the journey.

Some key ingredients in your journey from ashes to beauty will be learning to recover your joy and entering into rest. It can be difficult at times to discern the voice of the Lord in the midst of life’s battles and this “listening ear” takes time, practice and patience. I promise you though, if you can turn your will over to the Lord and allow Him to help you take the first step, Jesus will do the rest. He just wants us to “rest” in Him. He has the power, the authority and the unconditional love that will move mountains and bring you out of the valleys of despair.

Cinderella Released

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