Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cinderella's House

What are the things that seem impossible to me?

They are many Lord,
oh so many Lord.

But all your miracles,
I intend to see.
Just because you've promised them to me.

I will receive all your love for me!

You're not a man that you should lie!

One by one, in your time
they will come.
And I will have the victory,

It seems impossible
that I could buy a home.
But in your time Lord,
in your time Lord.

Barbara Weeks

Cinderella's Purse

One of our workers said to me at Christmas time, "Wigglesworth, I never was so near the end of my purse in my life." I replied, "Thank God, you are just at the opening of God's treasures." It is when we are at the end of our own, that we can enter into the riches of God's resources. It is when we possess nothing, that we can possess all things."